An Advent Prayer of Intercession.

 Loving God, during this Advent Season, while we wait for Christ’s return and for your love and peace to prevail, enable each of us to work for harmony and serenity as we experience the various conflicts which abound in our lives and in our world. As we worship you, may your peace be born into our lives anew.


Merciful Father, we pray that as peacemakers, we will prepare the way for the Lord Jesus Christ and his gospel to spread the peaceful light of Jesus through our unity and love for each other as his followers.

Not for our own sake, but in the first place for the sake of the Church and because the whole human race desperately hungers for the peace of God.


God of love and peace, have mercy on us and listen to our prayers:

that the 16 days of activism against violence against women and children will bear much fruit and save many lives;

that whenever leaders are being elected within our nation, the process will be open, just, fair and serene;

for the end of violent protest and for the power of peaceful remonstration for all who long for a better dispensation for their communities, their families and industries;

for the eradication of poverty that causes anger and disillusionment.

for the healing of broken marriages, homes and families;

for the end of the Covid19 pandemic and for all frontline workers in this struggle;

for the unity of all Christ’s followers

and for divine peace, love and joy to be visible within every local church.


Father of us all, we pray that you will heal the disheartened, restore those who are ill to health, mend all broken lives and encourage all who lost hope.


We pray that the Advent of the Lord’s Christ will be a triumphant peace march where your gospel proclaimed will save our souls, cure our warring hearts, restore our lives and bring peace and love amongst all your children.


Almighty God, remember in your mercy the persecuted church, protect innocent lives in war-torn countries and bring law and order where criminals are in control of vast regions of our communities.


O Lord God of love, may your holy Word of peace change our hearts and our lives, bring us hope and joy and instill divine love in our conduct.

All these things we ask in the Name of Jesus who was born to redeem and deliver us.