Seven paintings of Christmas - and 2021.


I am not an artist. As writer and blogger I paint with words, because I often see the content in “pictures” first, before I write.

But if I were an artist, I would have painted the first Christmas with captions of the physical imagery I find in the Bible.

Let me share “my paintings with words” of the first Christmas with you.


The first painting depicts a dove, the symbol for the Holy Spirit, superimposed upon the image of a young woman. The caption at the bottom says: “Nothing is impossible with God”.


The second painting portrays an angel talking to a serious looking man, troubled about a pregnant fiancé. The caption reads, "Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary."


The third Christmas painting would be one of a barn. Through the open door we see a man, a woman, an ox, a donkey, and a sheep or two. There is a lot of evidence of the dirt in the barn. Then you would notice that all of this is not important at all. For painted in the middle of the picture is a Child in a manger and the caption reads, "Emmanuel – God with us!"


The fourth painting would be an illustration of an angel, in the heavens, reading an announcement from a scroll. The caption says, "Good news of great joy ... for all the people."


The fifth painting of Christmas would depict a cross and a grave. The cross is surrounded by darkness and stained with blood. The grave is surrounded by light and filled with glory. The caption says, "Today in the city of David, a Saviour has been born to you."


The sixth painting portrays Christ surrounded by a bright light, the blaze of thousands of suns. The caption says, "Sun of righteousness." And, it says, "the Light of the world!"


The seventh and last painting of Christmas would be of a throne, a crown, and a purple robe superimposed upon a Baby in a manger.

The caption reads, "Christ, the LORD."


May Jesus Christ our Lord, our gracious, merciful and almighty Redeemer, abides with you during an uncertain 2021!