Prayers for the Easter Season – till Pentecost


Heavenly Father, your Christ has risen indeed! Dear Lord Jesus, because you are alive, I too shall live.


Lord Jesus, you were dead and now you live forever. Fill my heart with the joy and peace of your eternal life. Dear Jesus, without you finding me, I would be lost. You called me by my name, even when I did not recognize you. I worship you, my Saviour and my Lord.


Lord Jesus, you are alive! Lord Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God! You are truly alive! Grant me hope through the Word that shows me your hands and feet and your side and thus brings me faith and life.


Heavenly Lord, you made me your messenger to proclaim the forgiveness of sins. You truly bring good news to all who receive you in faith. Oh holy Christ, my Lord and my God! In you I find the power to live, to be free of doubt, and to know you always.


Heavenly Father, during this Season of Joy, we pray for people in every kind of need; that they too may know your power, your protection and your love. Heal the sick, comfort the poor and console the lonely and forsaken.


Make your ways known on the earth, your saving power among all nations. We pray for the leaders of the world: may they exercise their power with restraint.


Gracious Father, we pray for Your Church, which you love and for which you gave your Son.  Help us to serve the Church, and help us to love the Church, as Christ loves the Church and gives himself for her now and always.


Lord, we pray for our families. Protect them from danger and from temptation. We pray for our spouses and for our children. May they learn that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We pray for our parents and relatives:  teach us to honour and love them.


We pray for those who do not know the truth of the Gospel of the risen Christ, for those who seek redemption, but have not yet been found.  Lord, grant them a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Guide us, o God, by your Word and Spirit that we may see your true light and in your Gospel discover victory, freedom and peace today.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.