Universal Prayer Priorities for all believers and local churches.


For all Church leaders, prayer groups and intercessors.

You are invited to pray with us these prayers throughout the year.


The idea is to embrace these prayer priorities and through a six week cycle focus on all of them, repeating the 6 week cycle for as many times as you find helpful to guide your intercessory prayers.


After researching the prayer priorities of global denominations and prayer movements and as a result being inspired by them, these prayer priorities were compiled to be used as part and parcel of the prayer strategy of any local church, prayers groups, small groups in churches as well as inspiration for intercessory prayers during the quiet times of all believers.


All Christian faith communities are encouraged to join the universal Church to utilise, adapt to your own circumstances and promote these prayer priorities in any way you are led by the Holy Spirit.


The A section is about the urgent needs of the Christian Church and God’s Kingdom work. It has been developed for a 6 week cycle.

Section B runs simultaneously with such a 6 week cycle for the needs of all the people living on our planet today.

Section A. Prayers for the work of the Church and for all God’s work through us:

Introduction to every prayer, every week, for six weeks:

Gracious Father of all creation and our Father in Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit, we pray, o Lord of hosts, during these dire times.

(Week 1)

Father, enable Christians of all denominations and Christian traditions to respect and honour each other and to work and pray in unity that the world may believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the Saviour of the world and the Prince of Peace and that his Kingdom is coming into our world!


Lord, enthuse all believers to carry forward the torch that saints have carried from generation to generation, since the beginning of the Church, without compromise or fear, that the Light of the world, Jesus Christ our Lord, will guide all nations to follow God’s reformation plan for their countries and for humanity.


(Week 2)

Heavenly Lord, show through the witness of all believers to Africa and each continent, and to our beloved country, the only truth that reconciles, brings forgiveness and discovers growth and progress - which is the biblical Christian Faith.


Gracious Lord, send the Holy Spirit to enable every Christian to proclaim the Gospel in the rural areas and amongst the poorest communities and to liberate through Jesus our Lord, the Truth, the Way and the Life, everyone from oppression, fear, superstition and false religion who is lost as the result of human wisdom, worldly leadership and manmade initiatives. May we all, because we are in need of salvation, put our trust in the only Saviour of the world, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer.


(Week 3)

Father God, unite all ordained servants of the Word and sacraments, all ministers, pastors and priests, all leaders in the church, all ordained and lay leaders, to, in harmony, selflessly seek to evangelise all who have not been reached with the Gospel – in every part of the world.


Christ, our King, unite preachers and teachers of and listeners to God’s word, both the leaders and the members of all faith communities, to work together without envy, personal agenda’s or personal politics to accomplish their best endeavours for the work of God, sparing nothing and giving everything for the redemption of all people and the growth of God’s work in local churches and in the worldwide assembly of the faithful.


(Week 4)

Lord Jesus, send missionaries to every province and country on earth to, with gladness and enthusiasm, announce that the Kingdom of God has come and that salvation, truth and love reign through you, our divine Head and King.


Spirit of the living God, inspire all Christians by the faithful proclamation of the Word of God, to dutifully serve the poor, the suffering and the lost.


(Week 5)

Holy God, call young people to a life of ministry and grant them the spiritual formation to pursue their calling, providing godly mentors and Spirit-filled teachers for them.


Lord, call young people to accept the Lord’s invitation to surrender to Christ and to, with obedience, proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives.


(Week 6)

Holy Spirit, inspire, through the power of the resurrected Lord, hope in the lives of all who experience pain, sickness, affliction and anxiety and may they see in the lives of your people the love of Jesus Christ that shows us the love of God, our Father.


Oh Lord, have mercy on us and grant all God’s people Christian parents that keep their vows to pass on to their children the gift of faith in the One and only eternal God, the most holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that the next generation will also benefit from the apostles’ teachings and become authentic members of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, found in all truly Christian traditions and denominations.

Section B of this 6 weeks prayer cycle.

Prayers for the needs of the world and for humanity:


Introduction to all the prayers in this Section of the cycle:

Almighty God, protector and provider of your creation - we pray, o Lord of hosts, to grant us the ability to serve humanity and your most beautiful creation.


(Week 1)

Heavenly God and Father, grant us enough rain, good weather protection from disaster and pandemics and to facilitate growing economies, providing for the needs and advancement of all peoples.


Bless all endeavours for the protection of your creation and our environment and natural resources. Help us to turn around climate change by becoming concerned, empathetic and diligent representatives of our Creator. Grant us the same love for your creation that you, Eternal Father of all of creation, has for our planet and our countries.


(Week 2)

Loving Christ, grant your eternal peace and prosperity to peoples worn out by civil war, violence, unrest and military threats to their countries.

Provide for generosity to refugees, all foreigners, all who had to abandon their homes and motherlands and Lord, protect their safety and dignity.


(Week 3)

Dear Lord Jesus, heal all who suffer from depression and are lonely, sad and afraid and grant that your children will help them to see and experience the mercy, preservation and the love of God and of his Church.

Call and help health workers who will bless community health programs, clinics and hospitals to provide for excellent care of all who are ill, treating those who are sick with respect and love.


(Week 4)

Dear Carpenter of Nazareth, eternal Lord, help all your people to work towards providing jobs for the unemployed, to become mentors and enablers available to them and to restore their serenity, confidence and self-esteem.

Love all who live with disabilities and help them in all they need to enjoy dignified lives.

Sustain and protect the elderly.


(Week 5)

Heavenly Father, grant us respect for the rights, significance, safety and dignity of women in all the communities on earth, and in our country, and strengthen, heal and protect all our mothers and sisters who are vulnerable and suffering.

Protect all children and heal those children who have been hurt, abused and neglected.

Help and enable all who work for the proper education of all children and enthuse us to repair dysfunctional schools and call your children to be teachers and mentors who selflessly, creatively and diligently, and with passion, develop the God-given talents of every learner.


(Week 6)

Risen Lord and Redeemer, restore all men to be strong, honest and kind men of God and help them to, with love, provide for and to protect their families and your holy sanctified family, according to your perfect and holy example.

Defeat in your Name, oh Holy Trinity, all criminality, corruption, violence and those who cause it and are guilty of it.

Let wickedness come to a fall. Redeem and deliver those who repent and seek your gracious forgiveness. Bring to justice all who with hardened, unrepentant hearts, continue to embrace darkness and evil.

Make all civil governments in towns, cities, provinces and countries willing to seek righteousness and justice for the sake of the greater good and the peace you desire for all the people of the world.


Our Father who is in heaven,

glorify your Name and

may your Kingdom come and your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us each day our daily bread

and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us.

And protect us from temptation.


Father, have mercy on us!

Jesus, have mercy on us!

Holy Spirit, inspire us with your mercy and power.


Through Jesus Christ, our Lord!