The Great Commission – saying YES to Jesus.

 We are taught an important principle in James 4: 17: "Remember that knowing what is right to do and then not doing it, is sin”.


Most people with a conscience at least sometimes feel guilty about sinful things they do. But what about the times we offend God because of the things he expects us to do, and we have not done it, called the “sins of omission”?


We are commissioned to tell all the people in the world about Jesus, his cross and resurrection and to share with everyone all that Christ taught while on earth. It commands from Christ’s followers to be fishers of men.  And we ought to sat YES to Jesus – in the most practical ways possible.


In the parable about the sheep and the goats on the judgement day, written in Matt 25:31-46, Jesus accuses the ‘goats’ on his left hand of sins of omission. He accuses them of work which they knew they had to do for God, but didn't!

We can never forget these words of Jesus: "I was hungry, but you did not feed me, I was thirsty but you did not quench my thirst, I was naked but you did not clothe me and .....


So how about during these days believing that Jesus wants to say to us: "I kept sending you bible-based sermons, bible studies and testimonies of fellow believers, but you never cared to accept them for what they are - the word of the living God – and did not share my mercy and love with all people.


You will be blessed when you hear the good news about the Kingdom of Heaven and you surrender to the King, our exalted and glorious Lord. May we be consecrated by faithfully worshipping him, seeking him, finding him, honouring him with all our gifts, loving him with our whole being and following him from the heart, sharing his goodness and faithfulness with all.


We are often disturbed by the life changing demands that Christ makes about the way we should live our lives and give our lives for the sake of his Kingdom.

We too often dislike his royal demands, refusing his radical call to follow him and do his work unconditionally.


Sometimes this self-centred reaction to the radical commands of the Kingdom of Heaven, lead to the desecration of his Body, the Church, by divisive personal agendas serving our own little kingdoms, instead of having a passion for the Lordship of Jesus.


But when we worship Christ, when we expect him, wait for him, are ready for him, find hope, peace, joy and love through him, we will not be disturbed by his demand to follow him with all our heart and every facet and aspect of our lives.

Jesus will change our hearts and our lives, our testimony and witnessing, and ultimately our eternal destination.



He will hold you accountable for surrendering to his Great Commission.

He certainly is coming back to commend you because you did.

He comes to you to love you and to share his Kingdom with you  - here, and forever!