2022 - Be still and know that God is in every moment of your life.

 Before you know it, your child’s childhood is over and he/she has gone off to study or work.

Your holiday feels like a long-weekend – and it is time to go back to work and to school.

Before you know it, the raining season is over, the storms have passed and the sky is bright and blue again.

It seems like a fleeting moment before way too much of your life has gone by without you noticing it and considered your mortality.


So keep living in the moment and let life happens. Savour the goodness of the present, and attend to the sadness and challenge of the moment too.


Let your attention catch up to your fleeting thoughts that in order to respect, reflect and investigate today’s opportunities.


Listen to those you love, think about what they want to tell you, without your mind racing ahead to respond with our own selfish searches.


Consider God. Listen to his Word and experience his love in good and hard times. And get to know his love in Jesus Christ, our Lord, better in every moment of every day.


We will see the salvation of God. Wait for it. Live in that moment that anticipates such a promise. Stay in the moment that believes such promises are possible. Remember - knowing the future makes the fullness of the present possible. That is the true essence of living in Christ.

"I will strengthen you" says the Lord. — Isaiah 41:10


“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

Be still and know that God is.

Be still, and become alive in the knowledge that God listens to your words, thoughts and concerns with divine understanding, goodness, grace, provision and preservation.