2022 – Seeking God’s will only.

 Do you remember the days when Christians used to often say - "God willing, we will do this or that."


Apostle Paul knew we cannot defeat the sovereign will of God. He always desired to follow the Lord's leading, expecting God’s blessing.


When Paul said farewell to the Christians at Ephesus, he said, "I will come back if it is God's will" (Acts 18:21).

When Paul's friends could not talk him out of going to Jerusalem, they said, "The Lord's will be done" (Acts 21:14).

To the Corinthians Paul states that he would visit "if the Lord is willing" (1 Cor 4:19) and "if the Lord permits" (1 Cor 16:7).

To the church in Rome, he says, "I pray that now at last by God's will the way may be opened for me to come to you" (Rom 1:10).


When I was a young child no announcement in church would be made without the minister saying – “God willing”. At house, amongst family and my parents’ friends, you heard them all the time say – God willing, I will do this or that!


We unfortunately do not talk like this anymore. Not even in Church. And we have lost something important in the process. We lost the daily awareness of the importance of submitting to God and his will.

We lost more than an expression, but a lifestyle that was seeking the will of God and submitting to the will of God in everything. We have lost faith in the loving, wise sovereign will of God.


How do we follow God's leading? God's leading requires Bible reading, contemplative prayer, a heartfelt, earnest desire to do nothing outside of God’s will and the confirmation of his will by godly friends and other fellow Christians.


It requires faith that will not allow me to do anything important without the Silent Voice putting me at rest and at peace that it is what God wants me to do.


It is about not doing anything of which my conscience tells me that it is wrong.

It is about trusting that God always and under all circumstances knows best and surrendering to him.


It is about “doing” 2022 with a heartfelt desire to be within God’s perfect and gracious will in everything we do!


It is about making peace with God and his control of my life.

It is about praying these Jesus-words, and meaning them: “Father, not my will, but your will be done!”