After death our bodies decay and return to the dust. But our soul and spirit live forever. They don’t die or sleep. No, they return to God who gave them to us.


Time flies and life is short. Yet we know that our Redeemer lives. Death is not the end.  It is the beginning of God’s eternal plan for us.


The soul and spirit the Children of God, being righteous in and through Jesus Christ, are made perfectly holy, and are taken up to be with Christ and the victorious Church in the highest heavens, where they see the shining light of God’s face always.


There they wait for their bodies to be made fully new.


On the last day, people who are still alive will not die, but be changed into immortal perfection and God’s people who have died will be resurrected with the same bodies, although with different qualities, and their bodies will again be joined to their spiritual being, forever.


The bodies of God’s people will triumphantly be raised by the Holy Spirit for eternal joy and honour and will live like Christ’s glorified body forever and ever.


All glory be to God whose salvation and redemption is for both living for Christ now and for living in the new heaven earth for timeless eternity, to the glory of God.