Learning about true peace and prosperity during this Lenten Season.

 During the Lenten Season we learn about many things that we should never do and should always, throughout the year, say NO to.

But more importantly we start doing the things we learn that we should do. Where the unbelieving world says NO, but God says YES!


We should learn to say YES to peace and NO to conflict, war, deceit and being unkind.

We should say YES to Kingdom prosperity and NO to poverty, hunger, lack of clean water and non-functional families and relationships. 

We should say YES to God and NO to evil.  


We became citizens of God’s Kingdom because we seek to follow Jesus in everything we do. All the wrongs and all the evil and all the bad governance we experience on earth can cause so much fear and anger that it robs us of the vision and passion to receive what God’s plans are for us: to prosper and not to be harmed. (Jer29:11).


We can become so angry that we cannot make a difference in the world anymore.

We can become so negative that our children and grandchildren may lose hope and stop expecting God’s blessings, care and help.


When God’s people were in exile in the days of Jeremiah, suffering under the imperialistic oppression of Babylon, false prophets told them that it will soon come to an end. They preyed on the anger and disillusionment of the Israelites in order to become popular preachers and they therefore told them what they wanted to hear: “God will smite the evil Babylon soon and then everything will be fine again.”


So the Lord instructed Jeremiah to write them a letter to tell them that the destruction of the evil and corrupt powers of Babylon will only take place on God’s terms and at his time. Anger, revenge and vengeance belong to the Lord and do not bring peace of mind, joy and a future for God’s people.


Let’s make a difference in the country where we live, says the Lord!

The almighty Christ is our true King and our Leader. He suffered so much that we could make peace with God. He returned from the hell of Golgotha a victorious Warrior for our sake. He will, on the day of the Lord’s pleasure, bring an end to all evil power and authority in this world. That is his work to do, at his time!


What we have to do is: (Jeremiah 29: 5 – 7): "Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease.”

Seek the peace and prosperity of the country where you live.

Pray to the LORD for it, because if the beloved country prospers, you too will prosper and God’s children and his work will prosper too.


Let’s work smarter, with clear Kingdom vision, hope and courage, and pray for authorities that disappointed us, that they will become effective and successful in their task to rule and govern for the good of all.

Make the Lenten Season a time for focussed prayer and earnestly seek to work for peace and prosperity.


God’s purpose for us is to be well. He seeks our well-being and our peace!


He suffered and died that we may have peace with the Lord, our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ and may share this holy peace with all who share this land.


Only then we will be prepared to celebrate the true Easter – the glory of the victory of Christ Jesus over death and stop living as if we already died as a result of the anger and hatred in the world. Then we will be prepared to say YES to peace and prosperity and NO to evil, corruption, greed and failure.


Let us prepare, during this Season of repentance and forgiveness, to share the resurrection gospel that overcomes bitterness, sadness and depression and again be able and empowered to bring God’s peace and prosperity where we live, work and worship and we will be able to make a decisive difference to the future of our children and grandchildren – and for Christian generations to come.