Jesus is alive and he still works in and through us.

 Resurrection Sunday was completely awesome and the highlight of our worship, thanksgiving and praise. On Resurrection Sunday we saw the eternal transformation of the Messiah. We saw Christ, now raised from death and with heavenly qualities. And it is not only Jesus who is transformed by his resurrection. His followers are too. Their sorrow is turned into glorious joy! Despair is turned into hope! Unbelief is changed into faith.


Jesus is alive, because his work as risen Lord in and amongst us has not been completed:

Jesus had not finished his work when he met Mary Magdalene. He met her in the garden. He talked to her. Do you see the change in Mary? She was crying. She was sad. She was upset. But now she was filled with excitement and she brought joyful news to the disciples of Christ!


Jesus is alive. Jesus still has to restore the joy of his people.

He appeared before the disciples and they were "overjoyed" (Jn 20:20). He sent them to tell others about the Good News that he is alive. (Jn 20:21). Jesus gave them his Spirit (Jn 20:22) and the authority to proclaim the forgiveness of sins (Jn 20:23).


Jesus is alive! His work is not finished. He knows there are doubters and skeptics. He appeared to Thomas. Thomas saw Jesus and he believed (Jn 20:28). "My Lord and my God!" he said to Jesus (Jn 20:28). Thomas received assurance of faith from the Living Lord.


Jesus is alive. He has not finished his work as risen Saviour. He spoke to Peter about his denial. He forgave him. He ordained him a shepherd of his flock. Jesus took away his fear and gave him the backbone he needed to do Gods work.


Jesus is alive! He still has not finished his work as living Lord over all.


He is thinking about you and me. We do not see Jesus' hands, feet and side, like Thomas did. He does not appear to us in the same way he appeared to the disciples during the days before his ascension. But by his Word and Spirit Jesus Christ works faith in us. And Jesus refers to us when he says, "blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed" (Jn 20:29).


Jesus works in and through you and me, every day!

Because our Lord is alive!