Resurrections are rare, exciting events.

 The Bible records only 10 separate resurrection narratives.  They are rare, unusual, marvelous, exciting, wonderful events.


The resurrection of Jesus was entirely unexpected by those closest to him. It was also wholly different from the other 10 resurrections, because later on all the people raised, died again, but Jesus lives forever. His ascension to heaven testifies that he lives at the Father’s right hand and rules and reigns over everything and that he is the King and Head of the Church, forever.


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is amazing news, because death no longer rules and loss is no longer irreversible. The sting of death was removed. Death was reversed. Jesus was crucified. But now "He is risen!" Disciples who were scattered and confused and without hope because Jesus died, became enthused and excited about our living Messiah Jesus again.


But the resurrection is not only good news. It is also a stern warning.

When we think of the resurrection of Jesus we should be filled with a sense of awe, fear, terror, astonishment, amazement, and reverence. Jesus rose from death and promised us that we too will be raised.


So, to be true to the Gospel means that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the church has to speak out with an alarming call: Your life does not end in death! You now have to consider the eternal consequences and purposes of your life.


The resurrection narrative only ends on the day of our own resurrection. The resurrection event will only end when those who died with Christ are raised to a new life with him and in him.  It only ends when we put to death whatever belongs to our sinful nature and instead put on the new self of love, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, sanctification and obedience.


The account of the resurrection of Christ is completed in the lives of those who know that the resurrection of Christ is more than rare and unexpected: It removes death's sting and takes away death's loss and recreates us into God’s living children.


We are called to be ready to live the resurrection life of Jesus, here and now, but also for all eternity!