Joy comes from being in the presence of God.

 Joy is the deep-seated delight that comes from being in the presence of the living God as a result of the gracious salvation given as a complete gift by God. Because joy is rooted in nothing less than the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, it is not a swift passing emotional state depending on circumstances. Instead, joy also endures during the sorrows of life, because when the worst things happen, the believer still dwells in Christ and retains the joy of God's presence and the comfort of God's love and gracious promises.


Hope in God restores our joy.


Without hope our lives turn into despair. But knowing Christ gives us hope. We start to hope again when we in faith know God in and through Jesus Christ and we receive his peace through the knowledge of his redemption.  When we trust the promises of God we become able to experience peace and joy, even in the face of disappointment.


This is how we come to know who Christ Jesus really is. In Jesus we get to know God’s nature and character. In Christ and his work we discover that God is faithful, even from generation to generation.


And in his faithfulness we discover that God loves us. By looking at the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, we begin to understand the depth of God's love for us. By celebrating his resurrection and ascension, we discover the Lord’s purpose with our lives – to victoriously enjoy his love and love him too.


God’s purpose for our lives gives us hope. Knowing God in Christ brings hope to our hearts.  It brings a certainty that my future is secure. Whatever happens, nothing can change my God-given redemption, restoration and destination.


This hope brings joy back into my life. This is why Paul could say in Rom 5:2b that we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Joy and celebration in God are simply part of believing in God through Jesus Christ the Redeemer. The Lord’s restoration of our joy is one of the ways in which we learn more about how glorious our almighty God is.


We need this peace and acceptance that restores our joy.

God's salvation brings peace. God's grace brings faith and acceptance. God's hope brings joy.