Hands doing God’s work must be washed.

 Hands doing God’s work must be washed.

In every work we do, God first of all looks for the renovation of what we have done in the past, what we have broken and what we did that was shameful and dirty. Our hands need to be washed by the blood of God’s holy Son, our Redeemer and Lord.


After we have been cleansed, the Lord accepts our work as done to his honour alone and blesses it with divine grace, fruitfulness and mercy.

But God will never have any part in anything done in our own strength only and without redemption and reconciliation through Christ.  For Jesus specifically said that without him “we can do nothing”.


When things go well for unbelievers, they may experience gratefulness. But their hands must be cleansed, or God will not accept, bless and use what they had done, because it was not done for God, but for self-serving godless reasons.


We read in Lev 23: 12, 13 (The Message) -On the same day that you wave the sheaf of the first grain that you harvest before the Lord, (a sacrifice and prayer of thanksgiving for the harvest), sacrifice a year-old male lamb without defect; it is a Fire-Gift to God, a pleasing fragrance.


The sweet fragrance of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross define the aroma of everything we do. And we identify with the fragrance of work redeemed by Christ, changing our lives and work for God.


Nothing cleanses, except the blood of Christ. Our reconciliation with God in and through Christ discerns the character of our thanksgiving, praise and worship.


So, bless God with worship, because then will everything you do with your life, all you do at work and everything offered to Christ in his church, be welcomed by God as a token of your love and faith -  and it will be blessed by his grace, through your faith, according to his Word to the glory of his most holy Name.


May all your work be blessed, because it comes from a heart that loves the Lord and is accepted by God as truly honouring his Name.