Jesus must become more…


This is how John the Baptist reacted when the crowds left him and began following Jesus. John said, “Jesus must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:22 – 30.


If our New Year resolution is that Jesus must become more in our lives, it means that we will become less – that we will become selfless like Jesus and seek to make an important difference in his Kingdom and in the lives of others.


At the baptism of Jesus, we are given an epiphany, a striking revelation, of who the Son of God, the Light of the world, really is. God the Father, sending the Spirit to fill his Son declared at his baptism that Christ is his beloved Son, our Redeemer.


What made John the Baptist a Christ follower, not only in words, but in his actions and ministry?

He saw the glory of Jesus and he was happy to see Someone elevated above himself with the purpose to serve our glorious God in the best way possible.


Do we understand what this humility is that enables us to bow humble hearts before the Lord of glory and enter his service unconditionally? To let Jesus be everything and we becoming his servants?


To truly live our confession of faith that says that Jesus is King and Head of his church and of our lives, means that he must become more, greater, he must increase, always!


All we do is to serve him, obey him, be the church he wants us to be and be God’s children that he wants us to be.


There is no better New Year resolution than forgetting about ourselves even more in 2023. We will be able to do things others will remember and perhaps some will at least try to follow our example.


And more importantly, when we love ourselves less and Jesus more, we will accomplish things that God will remember and honour for all eternity.