The glory of Jesus helps us to believe


God’s firm promise to those in whose hearts the glory of his light shines is that they will never experience “spiritual load-shedding”!

No, God’s glory is always available to us, whoever we are, in every situation.


Of the eight miracles recorded in the Gospal according to John, six are unique, to John. But why did he choose the miracle where Jesus transformed water into wine (John2: 1 -11) as the first to share with his readers?


Jesus had just begun his ministry and had just called the disciples.  They had followed him, because there was something compelling about him -- but they still were not sure -- maybe Jesus was sent from God? or maybe not, they thought.  But, after this miracle in Cana, there was no question in their minds anymore.  Jesus transformed the water into wine -- fine wine -- abundant wine -- and in so doing revealed his glory. He gave the disciples a glimpse into his identity and let them see some of his power ---- and they believed. They stopped doubting him.


The first miracle:     The amount of water held by each jar is literally "two or three measures" -90 – 100 litres.   The total amount of water, 550 – 600 litres, is far more than the amount required to symbolically purify this crowd.  One cup of water would purify a hundred people, so these jars contained water enough to purify the whole world. 

The amount of water thus symbolizes the overwhelming grace available through Jesus, who has come "so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (3:16).


Jesus changed water into wine at Cana of Galilee.  But where is Cana?  We do not know. In the Bible, Cana is mentioned only in the Gospel of John.  It tells us that Cana was in the province of Galilee, close to Nazareth where Jesus grew up.  We don't really know.


We need to give the same kind of care and attention to Jesus' glory. He reveals his glory also in providing for us, for people to see Jesus living in us, wishing to share our faith in him. 


At Cana, Jesus revealed his glorious care, power and love both in providing the good wine and as being the good wine. (v. 11)


We need to remember Jesus' affinity for the poor and vulnerable.  We live in a success-driven culture that celebrates wealth and achievement.  We desire to be rich and famous, if we could just figure out how to get there.  We, like the religious leaders then, may also be tempted to look down our noses at people who are not doing well in life.  We need to remember that people like that were Jesus' best friends.


It is interesting that Jesus chose a nowhere place like Cana to start his ministry -his ministry at the margins – a ministry among ordinary people in an ordinary place, because sharing his caring glory includes you and I, includes everyone that needs him, that we may believe and find rest in Christ.