Thinking and serving like harvesters.


There should be a power and a love working through the Holy Spirit in us that draw others into the family of God, in Jesus Christ!  After all, as Spirit filled children of God, and Spirit inspired Churches in action, we should be telling the “others” that they have been redeemed, saved, and set apart for the Lord, exciting them and inviting them! The Holy Spirit still is the driving energy of daily Christian living.

It is time to start thinking, serving, working, and celebrating, like harvesters! 

How about you? Do you share in the Harvest? The first principle and essential action to take, is to think and serve as a true, Christ centred, believer!

Jesus remains the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6) and we need to settle that first of all in our own lives. We need to give our daily living to Jesus and surrender to him. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we can become part of the seed sowing process – yes, we need to share our faith with passion and love for the Lord.

There is nothing more tragic than a Christian who goes underground like a kind of secret agent. This is what happens when we stand on the boundaries of the Kingdom and don’t tell anyone that there is hope, life, love, and bold Christian living in Christ Jesus, through the work of the Spirit of God! If we would only beg the Holy Spirit to bless us with the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ – we will become courageous and daily see the mighty hand of God at work in us and through us.

People of MANY languages from every part of the world heard the praises of God in their own languages when the HARVEST began on the first Pentecost Sunday! The original Jewish Pentecost Festival was a celebration of the first fruit of the agricultural harvest! But now the time has come for the harvest of people through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Apostle Peter told the people what happened – about Jesus and his resurrection from the dead – and people believed! The young Christian Church had started 2000 years ago! Three thousand responded in faith to one sermon - through the power of Christ working through the Holy Spirit of God.


The question remains – are you part of the Harvest? The harvest cannot stop while there is a single empty seat in your church, or in your small group at home, or at any time when you and your Christian brothers and sisters are together!
People should insist to see what’s going on in our fellowship, because of the mighty power of God working in us!


Never stop praying until the HARVEST begins.