We too have the promise to receive the full power of God.


Nothing can be more exciting, uplifting, and powerful as a church experiencing the anointing of the Spirit, with Spirit filled, inspired members.

The events leading up to the birth of the Church were exceptional times for the followers of Christ. Firstly, they experienced traumatic and confusing days. Jesus had been crucified. The One they believed to be the Messiah had been killed, cruelly. They didn’t know what to do.

Then they heard the news that Jesus had risen from the dead. He appeared to them to confirm this. Even “doubting Thomas” came to an emotional confession calling Jesus, “My Lord and my God!” 


Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem for the power of the Spirit of God to be poured out on them and that through this power they would be his witnesses all over the world. What a roller coaster ride it must have been emotionally.


They earnestly and obediently waited upon the Lord to willful the promise that the Holy Spirit will come upon them. And God showed up in the most awesome way possible. God poured out his Spirit and therefore his divine power, on one hundred twenty followers who were waiting, praying and expecting these great deeds of God that would follow the resurrection miracle.


We cannot help to notice how scared and timid men and women became bold beyond reasonable explanation. Their leader, Peter, was touched particularly and this fisherman started preaching in a powerful, persuasive way. The same Peter, who once struggled to confess Christ to a young servant girl, became as bold and courageous as a lion.


Peter certainly received the power that the Lord Jesus promised them! He preached as an anointed messenger of God and at the end of his sermon told them exactly who Jesus Christ truly was.

When the people heard his preaching, they said to Peter and the other apostles, "Brothers, what shall we do?" (Act 2: 37)

And Peter replied, "Repent.... and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit...


We too have the promise to receive the full power of God in his work.

We too have the promise! We too may receive God’s calling and the power to do his work through our amazing gifting by our Lord.

Are you willing to wait for God to show up like he did at the first Christian Church in Jerusalem.

Are you willing to dare praying for the great promise? Do you too want to share in God’s full power? Do you pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit?